Air Conditioning

We are the Airconditioning specialists – we supply, install, repair and service all the major brands

The annual service of your air conditioner is an important part in prolonging the life of your machine. (6 monthly for commercial & 3 monthly for industrial)

3 Reasons for Having Your Airconditioner Serviced

  1. Will run more efficiently, function better and reduce running cost
  2. With some brands the warranty will be void if not serviced regularly.
  3. Your air conditioning will last longer and run more effectively

The Gold Coast is a harsh sea air environment

Whether it be a split or a ducted machine, keeping up with a regular service routine can help to pinpoint any problems before they occur and generally keeps your machine running more cleanly.

We know that it makes life extremely uncomfortable if your air conditioning system breaks down so as well as supplying repairs for that, we provide annual servicing so that you never have to call on us to get your aircon back up and running when the Gold Coast sun starts to heat things up.

Just call us, and we will arrange for a service visit at a time that is convenient to you – and in the event that it’s urgent, we will do our best to get to you fast.

We also know that you have better things to do than wait around for repairs, so our technicians will arrive when promised. They will inspect the system and do what it takes to get you up and cool again.